a: i’ll be driving today and i think krystal might be a little jealous.
k: i am not jealous at all! i can get a license too, and i will get one soon.

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elder, same age or younger.. which one do you prefer? 

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112/1000 pictures of kim taeyeon.

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Jessica forgets she is 220cm

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How to distract Jessica from her iPhone

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Wow, Sunny, you’re 25 (26) now! I can’t believe it. I remember when you debuted with ITNW (almost seven years ago!!!) at 18. I just want to thank you for bringing so much positivity into my life and for making this world a better place. You may not live up to a few other’s expectations, but you for sure nail all of mine. Your tone when singing is my absolute favorite. It’s filled with happy feelings. You’re really precious and cute at times, but when your sexy side comes out or your overly protective side comes out, you seem so mature and wise for your age. Your aegyo is the best, though. NO ONE will ever beat the aegyo that calls for a punch! Whether you’re singing, dancing, being hilarious, catching chickens, taking care of animals and children, tbh just being you, you make me laugh and smile and you brighten up my whole day. Thank you for sticking with your 8 sisters until now. I bet they appreciate the love and care you have offered them, especially Taeyeon. I hope this special day (and your two biological sisters’ special day!) is filled with happiness, hope, and love. You deserve all of it and more. Thank you, Lee Soonkyu. You’re an absolute angel. Never stop smiling, your smile is precious. We, as SONE, all love you. 사랑해요!

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So I want to give a big thank you to you and all the fans out there and my friends

So I want to give a big thank you to you and all the fans out there and my friends

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